Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cookies , , is there important??

Cookies are a little text file such as data log in, password, and preference in your HDD by a lot of websites which you have account for log in. Maybe your information about how to log in by your account can knew by other people from cookies. The profit from cookies maybe you can instantly log in your account in a lot of sites without check your account name and password. You can visit But there’re make a problems. If our PC can accessible by other people, the people can steal the data from cookie, a lot of websites has sell the account data member. And the result are cookies important? You can answer by yourself. If you used a web browser like mozila you can find the security to delete your cookies. Maybe that’s one of any solutions to protect your account web from data stealer.

always delete your cookies after browsing


Chennaidevils said...

nice its very useful

gudang download said...

awas ndra cookie lo di curi

heheh numpang mejeng link yah