Thursday, 2 July 2009

The computer development , , So Mini , fast, and cheap . .

We knows that, every year the component of computer be mini than last year from that year. Why? Of course there are Computer Development , , in 1947 old ENIAC change became a transistor. And a lot of times make different with IC component. What is IC? IC(Integrated Circuit ) is a lot of electrical circuit in a box chip which made from silicon. And after the IC building, there many change in processor and microprocessor. After intel success with intel core i7, and AMD perform with Phenom II, whats the next? Maybe we will see later , , so mini so fast . . Maybe in 1980 era, if we want to make the own computer we must have more than $1M, ad to make their fast so u must have much money again. But know, if we want to make that one, yeah , , you can buy one pocket computer cheaper than $1K, that’s all about computer building. Maybe sometimes we just think to control our computer , , ,


IC - Transistor

Mini Processor


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi thanks for the visit.
i love gadgets that are mini but fast and cheap ^_^

Irfan Melodic said...

Well, computer and technology develops so fast. There are more expensive items, but the number of cheaper items is also high. That depends on what we decided very carefully.

BEst regards,
Irfan Melodic Nugroho

Neneng M. said...

Good info ...

prin said...

Thank for your information..