Thursday, 18 June 2009

CompizConfig Settings Manager

In Ubuntu, if u listen about Compiz, maybe u'll tell amazing. What is the Compiz? CompizConfig Settings Manager is one application which can configure the backened, profile and other internal settings used by compiz configuration system in Gnome. In this article I used CompizConfig Settings Manager 0.8.2.

The category of this application is General, Accessibility, Desktop, Effects, Image Loading, Utility, and windows management. In General category u'll find Commands (for settings your own command), General Options (for other general options), and Gnome Compatibility (for enable or disable Gnome compatibility). After that in Accessibility u'll finds ADD Helper (make slightly easier to concentrate by dimming all but the active window), Color Filter (filter colors to accessibility purpose), Enhanced Zoom Desktop (Enhanced zoom function for the visually impaired and other users), Magnifier (magnifier box), Negative (used to set a window or screen negative), opacify (make windows easily visible by hovering mouse over them), Opacity, Brightness and Saturation (opacity, Brightness and saturations adjusments), Show Mouse (increases the visibility of the mouse pointer) and Zoom Desktop (Zoom and pan cube).

Next category is Desktop. In this category u'll find Clone Output (output clone handler), Desktop Cube (place windows on cube), Desktop wall (desktop wall plugin), Expo (expo plugin), Fade toDesktop (easily acces your desktop), Rotate Cube (Rotate desktop cube), Show desktop (access ur desktop easily), Viewport Switcher (initiate viewport changes through several events) and Widget Layer (show widget on a separate layer)

The next category is Effects. In this category u'll find 3D Windows (elevate windows while rotating the cube), Animations (use various animations as window effects), Animations Add-On (extra window animations and Animations engines), Bicubic Filter (Bicubic texture filtering), Blur Windows, Cube Gears (render gears inside of the transparent cube), Cube Reformation and Deformation (compiz cube reflection and deformation), Fading Windows (fade in windows when mapped and fade out windows when unmapped), LogIn/LogOut , Minimize Effect (transform windows when they are minimized and unminimized), Motion Blur, Paint Fire on the screen (paint fire or other particles on the screen), Reflection (draws reflection), Trailfocus (adjust the opacity, saturation and brightness of windows based on when they last had focus), Water Effect (adds water effects to different desktop actions), Window Decoration and Wobbly Windows (use spring model for wobbly window effect).

In the category of Extras there are some plugin like Annotate, Benchmark, Screenshot, Splash, and Windows preview. And for Image Loading category there are a lot of image format plugin like jpeg, Png, Svg and Text. For utility category there are Crash Handler, Dbus, Glib, Inotify, Resize Info, Session management, wallpaper, Mouse position polling, Scale Addons, Userspace file system, workarounds, Regex Matching, Scale window tittle filter and Video playback. And Window Management category there are a lot of management tools for window.

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