Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The next Goal line technology ? ? ?

South African FIFA World Cup has coming , , , All the people in the world see this event. But whats the new technology in this World Cup??

In 2007, the new technology of "ball", there's Goal Line Technology was developed by Adidas. The purpose of this ball is to provide greater transparency of during a match and to assist the referee in making quick decisions that can impact the outcome and quality of the game. This technologi implemented in the Teimgeist II uses a magnetic field to provide real-time feedback to a central computer, which tracks the location of the ball on the field and sends the data directly to the referee. By using a magnetic field and more stabilized and robust components within the ball, the new system is more precise and is not influenced by in-game factors, adverse weather or nearby technical systems.

An important component in this ball:
  1. A microchip inside the soccer ball - The microchip sends a signal to a computer that stores the information on where the ball is located on the field, and that redirects the message to the referee, so he can make a decision. According to Adidas, makers of the 'Intelligent ball', the microchip will not have any effect on the overall weight or flight of the ball.
  2. Referee’s signal unit - The unit receives the message from the central computer and indicates when a goal has been scored. The unit is a watch that the referee wears around his wrist. Either a beep or a vibration alerts the referee that the ball has fully crossed the line, no matter what obstruction may lie in either the referee's, or the ball's way.
  3. Wired magnetic goal field - Thin wired are put around the goal to create the magnetized field that the microchip in the ball reacts with to send signals to the main computer. Because of the "robust and stabilized" aspects of the ball and the wired magnetic field, the system is not affected by any weather changes throughout the match.

Are there the next Goal Line Technology ? ? ? Wait for further news, we will see later . . .


daywalker said...

wow i think next world cup will be more absorbingly

bule said...

nice posting, i'm footbal fans and always waiting for new innovation about the ball, rules, etc